Current Teaching Series

At Holy Cross, we are committed to telling one story, the story, over and over again. 

It is the story of redemption, but does not begin at the Christmas morning manger and does not end at the empty Easter tomb--it begins far before Christ's birth and lasts into eternity. It includes all the big dramatic events; like creation, the incarnation, and resurrection--but it also includes the small things in the story--the people, the personal struggles, the countless promises kept by God to his people, the things that are happening behind the curtain that we often give little thought to. 

I've heard it said before, "The hardest thing about life is is so daily." We live in the daily. In the seemingly insignificant. We live in the details, and that is where this Advent series will take us--looking at the small things that carry with them big truths for our everyday. 

This Advent series, we will tell the story of Christmas, the whole story, not just what happened at the manger. We will trace God's pursuit of his people through the religion of relationship that he establishes with Adam and Eve who failed to trust God, his promises to bless Abraham and his offspring forever, and God's ultimate triumph over darkness through the incarnation of his only Son, Jesus, who would once and for all bring God's people to himself. And, if this is true, how will he not also, through his son, graciously give us all things?