Cheerful giving is part of our worship. Not only is our giving an act of worship, but it is a sacrificial act of love for God, his people, and the ministry of the church. All that we own and have comes from God and we believe our faithful giving is a true act of obedience towards God and love for others.


The "make an online donation" button below will take you to our new online giving service. We've switched services to help reduce our cost and provide more convenient giving options. If you've previously given online to Holy Cross with a username and password, you will need to create a new one - or you can use the "quick give" option which will allow you to give online without setting up an account.

<Here is a quick guide to using our new online giving service>

To give using our old format, go here. The old format will be deactivated on 2/15/2018.


If online giving is not convenient for you, below are some other giving options.

*All donations made through this site are secure and tax-deductible. Holy Cross is a 501(c)3 corporation.


Bank Bill Pay

Many banks have the ability to send an electronic check through their secure web site, using your bill pay feature. We receive these types of checks often and are familiar with processing them. Most banks don't charge for this service so contact your bank to find out more if you have questions about this giving option. Make sure they mail the check to us at: 

Holy Cross Church

7730 N. Cortaro Rd. #105

Tucson, AZ 85743


Make all checks payable to Holy Cross Church and mail to the above address. 

In Person

Simply drop off your gift in the designated donation box during our Sunday gathering. Twice per month we set aside a time to briefly pray for, and collect, the offering. However, donations can be made any week. 

Donate Stock, Mutual Funds, Bonds, or Real Estate

We are happy and able to process non-cash gifts of stock, mutual funds, bonds, and even some real estate.  If you'd like to make a non-cash donation, please leave us a message at or (520) 333-7708.